Why offer Fireworks Popcorn and Great Skott products to your customers?

Fireworks Popcorn produces only heirloom popcorn that is non-GMO (genetically modified organism). Our premium popcorn is all-natural, gluten free and produces a unique and healthy whole grain snack for popcorn lovers of all ages! Our products meet the needs of those customers who are looking for healthy snack items and are searching for the perfect combination of good for you and great tasting.  Great Skott snack foods provide a wide variety of products that your customers are craving, with everything from dried fruits to various types of nuts.  Both product lines deliver great taste and high quality assuring you and your customers a great snack experience.

Examples of wholesalers who offer our products:

Wholesalers who offer Fireworks Popcorn include Specialty grocers, kitchen stores, confectionary stores, vineyards, specialty food stores, gift shops, and anywhere else a discerning shopper might frequent looking for that special food item. Great Skott products can also be found at specialty grocers, as well as other specialty food stores who sell a wide variety of snack products.

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What do I need to do to sell either Fireworks Popcorn or Great Skott products?

You can contact us by clicking here and we will send you our Wholesale Order form. You can email, fax or call us at (414-449-2000) to place your order.