How do I pop Fireworks Popcorn?
Watch our short videos at the bottom of this page showing three different methods; stovetop, microwave and appliance popping.

What is the best popping method?
While many people enjoy the popping experience of stove top popping, others prefer the convenience of microwave popping. Appliance poppers offer consistent quality and minimal effort. Choose what fits your lifestyle best. If you start with Fireworks popcorn you will have superior popcorn however you pop.

Do you still have a retail store in Port Washington, WI?
We no longer have a retail store that customers can visit. Instead, we now offer our full line of products in a retail store, "Shoppes of Port Washington", which is located in downtown Port Washington. Open 7 days a week, Shoppes carrys all sizes and varities of Fireworks Popcorn, as well as the various items we offered in our corporate store. Click here learn more about where Shoppes of Port Washington is located.

Where can I buy Fireworks Popcorn in Southeastern Wisconsin?
We have several retailers in SE Wisconsin which offer our products:

Throughout the area: All Pick 'n Save and Sendiks stores
Belgium – Cedar Valley Cheese
Brookfield – Grasch Foods
Brookfield – Health Hut
Brookfield – Metro Market
Delafield – Albrecht’s Sentry
Elkhorn – Wilson Meats
Gibbsville/ Sheboygan Falls – Dutter’s Gibbsville Orchard
Greendale – Cherri’s Savor the Flavor
Hales Corners – Health Hut
Hartland – Biebel’s True Value
Kenosha – Mars Cheese Castle
Kohler – Wisconsin Trader
Lake Geneva – Geneva Bay Market & Gifts
Mequon – Metro Market
Milwaukee – Metro Market
Milwaukee – West Allis Cheese (Oakland & Locust)
Milwaukee – West Allis Cheese (Public Market)
Pewaukee – Good Harvest Market
Port Washington – Drews True Value
Port Washington – Sanfilippo’s Sentry
Port Washington – St. Vincent De Paul
Sheboygan – Olividas
Sheboygan – Relish Kitchen Store
Sturtevant – Apple Holler
Theresa – Confections for Any Occasion
West Allis – Health Hut
West Allis – West Allis Cheese

Shipping can be expensive when I buy on-line. Is there somewhere near me where I can buy Fireworks Popcorn?
Yes, we have several retailers around the country who will gladly sell you Fireworks Popcorn. Click here to use our NEW Store Locator tool, and find your local retailers by state or zip code!

What is non-GMO and why is it important when considering choosing Fireworks Popcorn?
Fireworks Popcorn takes great pride in being a non-GMO product for all of our popcorn. GMO is the acronym for Genetically Modified Organism and is an organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques. Our popcorn is the same as what was grown a century ago.

What is the Shelf Life of Popcorn?
Popcorn kernels have a 5 year shelf life when stored tightly sealed in a cool, dry area. When stored for more than five years the moisture content of the kernel may change and more unpopped kernels may remain after popping.

Should Popcorn be stored in the Refrigerator?
Popcorn should not be stored in the refrigerator or freezer. The moisture content of the kernel may be altered. The best place to store popcorn is on a pantry shelf or cool, dry area.

How do I pop Fireworks Popcorn on the stove top?
The traditional method of making popcorn in the stove top using Fireworks Popcorn. Making popcorn on the stove produces a different, some say better tasting popcorn than using a microwave. Try it for yourself. Here, Fireworks Popcorn walks you through it and give you everything to be a hit with the family.

How do I pop Fireworks Popcorn in the Microwave?
We could tell you, but we decided to show you, enjoy this Fireworks Popcorn "How to Video"

What sort of extra products does Fireworks offer to flavor and enjoy my FIreworks Popcorn?
Fireworks Popcorn has you covered when it comes to delicious seasonings. Click here to see our list of products to help you make the best popcorn you have ever tasted! Enjoy this informational video as well.