History of Popcorn and Fireworks

The history of popcorn dates as far back as 4,000 years ago, when the first ears of popcorn were found in New Mexico. However, it wasn't until popcorn made its way to the highly seasonal growing climate of the North American Corn Belt that popcorn really flourished. Today, most of the world's popcorn is grown in the Great Midwest, right where our story begins...

The Fireworks Popcorn Company began with a passion for popcorn. The founder of Fireworks Popcorn Company had loved popcorn since he was a young boy growing up in Northern Wisconsin. His love of popcorn led him to search for the best type of popcorn. Most Americans ate popcorn that came from "big yellow" kernels, which were the standard choice of most major commercial popcorn brands.

Fireworks Popcorn: An Explosion of Flavor

Fireworks Popcorn soon discovered that this yellow popcorn was just one of many different types of popcorn kernels. Researching and comparing the different heirloom popcorn varieties led to the discovery of their unique flavors, colors, sizes and textures.

Fireworks Popcorn grows the same varieties of popcorn that our grandparents enjoyed, tender and full of naturally good flavor. Small farmers throughout the Midwest grow popcorn exclusively for Fireworks and are required to meet exacting standards.
  • NO DYES are used to enhance the beautiful colors of our popcorn. Our gourmet kernels are all natural - compliments of Mother Nature.
  • NO GMOs. Our popping corns have not been genetically modified or cross-bred with low grades of field corn. Cross-breeding with field corn would artificially enhance the size of the popped kernels, but with some loss of flavor.
Unlike other commercial brands that have been genetically altered, our popcorn kernels have very tender hulls, which shatter when popped. Our smaller kernels also have a deeper, richer corn flavor. Larger kernels could be achieved by cross-breeding with field corn, but would produce a less flavorful, almost styrofoam-like texture. Fireworks Popcorn is GMO-free -nature at its best.

When Fireworks introduced their website (www.popcornlovers.com), they increased their brand visibility, gave customers the ability to order popcorn and popcorn products online, and expanded distribution to national retailers. Through a strong commitment to quality, Fireworks Popcorn became one of Americas favorite gourmet popcorn companies and an international distributor of natural popcorn.

In 2016, Jonco Industries purchased Fireworks Popcorn and added the brand to its growing food division.  Jonco, a leading contract packager, is continuing the tradition of creating and delivering a brand that consumers would choose when they searched for healthy snack products, with an emphasis on highest quality and best flavor.

"We pride ourselves in our commitment to producing the best tasting popcorn that also happens to be a wholesome, natural product."

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